“the art of garment” is the would be the right sentence to describe COT-TONE. As we are specialised in complex fabrics, we do produce what others cant do. In printed fabrics we are able to reflect our creativity with our print designs, coatings and finishings. In terms of coating, there is no competition for us. 

Additionally, we are the only company in Turkey, who is offering Suit or Parka Fabrics with membrane lamination. This procedure is highly difficult but through our intelligent technical processes, we are able to manufacture such complex fabric / finishings on customer requests, this is just one example of many. 

All Quality Printing sheets will be produced in Germany, forwarded to our Turkey production, where the print laminations / layer will be durable affixed to the requested / selected raw or coloured fabrics. With the strength of four collections yearly, we a proud to say out loud, that COT-TONE is one of the leading companies in this field.  We do have almost all kind of fabrics in our portfolio, therefore we are allowed to offer a full range service to our client base (fabrics for top and bottom textiles).


Non-Denim, Denim, Coated Fabrics, Printed Fabrics, PDF (Prepared for Dyeing), RTD (Ready to Dye), Jersey Fabrics, Membran Fabrics,


Military Fabrics, Functional Fabrics, Outdoor Fabrics, Suit Fabrics, Wool, Activewear, Home Textile, Interior Fabrics, etc.